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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Blow that whistle baby. Hugs for Chelsea.

Chelsea Manning is released today.
Released after serving time for defending the rights and safety of people all over this big blue world of ours.
You may have different views, and you are entitled to them.
The fact remains that when the choice between doing what was right and what was wrong was staring her in the face she chose to side with the people over the politicians, the warmongers, and the those who lie to us daily to further agendas that few of us are even aware of.
She chose to do the right thing.
And she did this at great risk to her own life.
Quite literally.

It goes without saying that the global media will be not be slow out of the blocks to cover her release.

However in the scramble to provide context, to praise or castigate, there will no doubt be very little written about the reality of the return to civilian life. 
The difficulties of readjustment.
However, while on a psychological level all we can really do is stand up and say thank you and hope that our gratitude can ease the trauma of her experiences, we can also offer some practical help by contributing towards covering her living expenses until she gets on her feet. 

After serving seven years it is a small thing to do, and we can do this by buying the download only album 'Hugs for Chelsea' from Bandcamp.
All proceeds will go directly to Chelsea Manning and the album currently features a message from Michael Stipe and tracks from Amanda Palmer, Tom Morello, Anti-Flag and........well here they all are here.

Michael Stipe - Hugs for Chelsea
Tom Morello (The Nightwatchman) - Until the End 
Thurston Moore - Chelsea's Kiss 
Priests - Nothing Feels Natural 
Evan Greer - Never Surrender 
Graham Nash + James Raymond - Almost Gone 
Against Me! - ProVision L-3 ( #Resist Version)
Downtown Boys - Adam and Eve 
Amanda Palmer - Bigger on the Inside
Talib Kweli - Every Ghetto pt. 2, Aloe Black, Problem, prod. Nottz 
Anti-Flag - The Ink and the Quill 
Taina Asili y La Banda Rebelde - Freedom (feat. Michael Reyes) 
Mirah - Radiomind 
Screaming Females - I'll Make You Sorry 
Ted Leo - Runes of Abandonment
Kimya Dawson - At the Seams 
The Kominas - Not Today 
Sammus (feat Jean Grae) - 
Chris Farren - Bamboo Bones (Against Me! cover) 
B. Dolan - Which Side Are You On? 
Bonfire Madigan 
The Chapin Sisters - Sweet Light 
Louise Distras - Aileen 
bell's roar - One Shot 
Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band - Private First Class 
The Shondes - On Your Side 
Drones Club - Chelsea Girl 
Ryan Harvey - To Keep You Silent (feat. Kareem Samara & Shireen Lilith) 
The Max Levine Ensemble - My Valerian 
Anne Feeney - Whatever You Say, Say Nothing 
Ike Reilly - Bolt Cutter 
Tommie Sunshine - Barbarians (feat. Disco Fries & Kassiano)

The Bandcamp link is HERE,

Please do consider purchasing it. 

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