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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Manchester terror attack - Contact details for support.

With the events from last night no longer just confusing breaking news, but instead a confirmed terrorist attack, the UK is left reeling at what is an affront to civilized behaviour.
Now in the aftermath of this abomination there will be many views shared about why this happened, and what the reaction should be.
As an entertainment blog we shall refrain from adding to that, and simply ask that if it is in any way possible for anyone to assist with reuniting people attending the concert with their loved ones that you do so.
It can be as simple as lending a mobile phone to a scared and traumatized person who was there to allow them to register themselves as safe.
Or sharing this emergency number set up especially to deal with enquiries.
0161 856 9400
And please do add any other official contact details in the comments section.

Thank you.
Love and compassion to all.

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