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Saturday, 17 June 2017

A favourite pleasure. GUN at the Barras.

Two Glasgow icons clash, and it will be glorious.

One is the iconic Glasgow rockers GUN, and the other is the iconic Glasgow venue the Barrowlands.

Or the Barras if you hold fond memories of rolling up drunk and throwing yourself about a crowd that bands and artists from all over the world often claim to be the best.

This is the sort of date that you section off in a calendar in bold red and write not to be missed across it.

Bosses and life partners who may not share the rock fans enthusiasm for this show may try and throw a spanner in the works by providing alternatives to attending.
It could be anything from a training course to putting up a shelf.
Watch out for this sort of thing starting to appear on the horizon and then nip it in the bud.
Show a zero tolerance attitude to any attempt to sabotage your ability to attend.

Reasons for not being able to attend are birth of a first born, second not so much, and death.
Anything else is not a reason, but an excuse.

So now you know.

Tickets are on general sale right now.

PS. They aren't just playing the Barras.


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