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Friday, 23 March 2018

Last Great Dreamers - 13th Floor Renegades

Imagine if Hanoi Rocks took their cue from The Small Faces and The Who rather than from The New York Dolls, The Rolling Stones, and other such rockers.
Well imagine no more because Last Great Dreamers are writing the music you can hear in your head.
There's something quintessentially English about them. Like Gary Holton with The Heavy Metal Kids they have that cheeky chappy a nods as good as a wink shtick sorted out, but there's far more going on than a punk rock Oliver Twist story.
It's as if someone has thrown a handful of the mod revival bands into the Hydron Collider and seen what happens when you smash them into the UK's trashy glam rock acts that spawned from punk.
And the fusion ultimately works too.
It's rock and roll dark matter created that will suck us all in and turn us inside out.
Now how good does that sound?
Well now consider that these words just aren't covering it. They don't come close. It's actually better than that.
The terrace stomp of the seventies, the summer of love, the sunset strip, Camden Market and a soup├žon of Soho. It's all there. From the sixties through to now, and even a taste of Britpop to flavour it further.
It's a heady mix of a trip of an album, and you can even dance to the fucker.
I bladdy love it.

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